Dos and Don’ts at Gamescom

To make the most out of their Gamescom experience, indie developers should keep a few tips in mind. Here’s an overview.

As the world’s largest gaming event, Gamescom offers indie developers a unique platform to showcase their games, gain visibility, and make new contacts. It’s an opportunity to gather unfiltered feedback, interact with the community, and gain countless new insights and valuable knowledge. Gamescom opens up numerous opportunities for indie developers. To make the most of these and optimize your stay, we have some useful tips for you.

Let Players Play Without Guidance

If you find yourself explaining how your game works or how to play it, it indicates a flaw in your application. While it’s okay to frame what your game is about, refrain from giving hints and tips. Don’t tell people which buttons to press or where to move their characters. This way, you can see if your game is truly understood or if improvements are needed.

Tutorials: less is more

If your game still requires tutorials to explain what players need to do, keep them as short as possible. Lengthy text can lose your visitors’ interest and take up time that could be spent experiencing your game.

Keep Feedback Forms Neutral

To collect honest and unbiased feedback from the community, make sure your feedback forms are neutrally worded and don’t lead respondents in a certain direction. We understand it’s hard to remain objective about a project you’ve poured your heart and soul into for years. However, neutrality is essential to truly understand how your game is received.

Avoid Wireless Controllers

Wireless controllers are highly unsuitable for Gamescom due to the numerous wireless devices in the hall, leading to inevitable signal interference. It’s better to use wired controllers, which work reliably and allow your visitors to play smoothly without interruptions.

Adhere to Deadlines

Stick to deadlines for registrations and submissions to avoid unnecessary complications. Missing deadlines can mean missing your spot at Gamescom because necessary arrangements weren’t made in time. Plan early and communicate transparently to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Start Small, Grow Gradually

For indie studios new to exhibitions, we recommend not booking the largest stand at Gamescom right away. It’s easy to underestimate the financial effort and miscalculate the budget due to lack of experience. Starting small and growing gradually is safer and more sustainable in the long run.

Visualize Your Setup

If you’re unsure what booth size is best for your needs and how to set it up optimally, try recreating the setup in your studio. This can help visualize the layout, ensuring everything fits and works well together. For multiplayer games, you can determine the best placement for visitors without them getting in each other’s way.

Don’t Go Solo

Handling a Gamescom booth alone is like running a marathon. Tasks like stand management, visitor interaction, and technical support can quickly overwhelm one person. Moreover, the stand must be attended at all times, meaning you can’t leave even for bathroom breaks. We recommend bringing at least three to five people to share responsibilities, rotate duties, and attend events.

Don’t Take Criticism Personally

If someone criticizes your game, don’t take it to heart. The critique is about the product, not you. We know how much effort you’ve put into your project, which makes it hard to maintain distance when facing negative feedback. Try to keep an open mind about criticism; it gets easier with experience.

A final tip: Get in contact with other exhibitors. All indie studios at Gamescom share a love for gaming and a passion for development. Engaging with others is immensely enriching, providing new insights, inspiration, and mutual encouragement to improve processes. Don’t miss out on the potential conversations can offer.

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